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Final Presentations!

12-11-18 Yonut Video: Step-by-step assembly: First clip the donut bottom onto the plate Attach donut frosting into donut top Clip donut top onto donut bottom Cost Analysis: Below is an analysis of the different parts and the dimensions across each part for the 50 yo-yo's made. Quality/Variation Analysis: T o better understand our manufacturing process, we  analyzed the 100+ parts we created for our 50 yo-yo’s.  This allowed us to analyze the consistency of our design process and how effectively we were able to create equivalently dimensioned parts. When conducting our analysis we used sample size groupings of 5 pieces. This was done as we felt across 5 measurements we would be able to get a strong estimate of what the true value was, and then averaging a high enough sample of these averages (20) we would be able to come up with an accurate representative average value for our data. Since we used 5 data points in our sample groupings, we used th

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